Return to Sender.

I haven’t written for so long that I simply just forgot all of the things I wanted to write about previously.

This is the first time in YEARS that I haven’t had a job. Last time I didn’t have a job I was snorting drugs and 20 years old. I’m 35 now. The only time I was unemployed was between new jobs, never because I was ‘let go’.

I don’t have a job because I stood up for myself and didn’t let people walk all over me and treat me like a robotic brainless being. It pains me physically to be in a place that I cannot connect with any longer. I was there for 6.5 years and in the end, it felt like I was just a washcloth in the dirty laundry becoming mildewy and moldy. I am so angry, and that is the extent of my emotions at this point. I am sure it will all kick in, in the near future. Or maybe it won’t and I’ve already processed it.

Last August I had a reading with 2 wonderful souls on 2 separate occasions and there was to be a transition, there would be changes.. and here they are. I haven’t even had a moment to process any of this because I’ve been so busy with commissions coming in. I am so so grateful for this, and it just goes to show you that manifestation works.

Some people think it’s silly that your art is your life’s work, but it is mine, for now.

I have been given so many opportunities that I’ve been humbled on numerous occasions – it makes me smile just thinking about it.

Right now, I am, as they say ‘doing me’. And it feels so fucking good. I am going to finish that book I started writing 4 years ago.

Return to sender, my friends.


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