Artist’s Muse

When I was visiting Ottawa for the Ottawa Burlesque Festival, I had about an hour to spare on Bank St. in the Glebe (I just love saying that name).

I sauntered by this store called the Papery – I am often attracted to stationary stores and I have quite the load of paper at home, you know, just in case there was ever a shortage.. This one was particularly attracting me as I saw a display of amazing (to me!) artwork.

Women’s faces were painted and a veil was placed over their eyes – it was a mixed media painting with the veil being actual fabric. There was another painting that had a leg with a lamp, and on that lamp was actual fringe!

I can’t find a picture of it, but this one is also amazing:

by Debbie Lyall

It turns out that the artist was there that day. As I was looking at some prints of hers to buy, we struck up a wonderful conversation! She is such a wonderful and kind soul of a lady.

She asked me if she could take a picture of the profile and front of my face as she liked my ‘style’ and I said sure, because she was going to create a new painting from my photo. I was so excited!

Last night while I was drifting off to sleep I was thinking about our conversation and the piece of art that would come from it. When I woke up, it was in my inbox and I cried when I saw it. Perfect timing and synchronicity.

Behold… I am in love. She mirrored my red lips, eyes and my red earrings so precisely!

Minnie Peron by Debbie Lyall

Minnie Peron by Debbie Lyall


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