An Offended Cat

This day last year, Maia passed away. She was 15 years old. She went through every single moment of my life from the time I was 19 until I was 34.


I found this poem to commemorate her passing last year, but I thought I would share it again.

it snuggles close
half closed eyes
rolling with white
its forelegs loosely
tip towards sky

its warmth heats
up our sweet contact

‘such pretty thing
poor thing cant
enjoy the world as much
as we do’ i thought

as if it understands
my thought
the cat struggles
to have me let it down

i do so and it walks
away without
turning back,
as if offended

by john tiong chunghoo


One thought on “An Offended Cat

  1. I can’t imagine what it feels like. Aslan passed away this time last year too, but he was only 11 months old, not to say his life doesn’t mean as much but 11 months and 18 years is a big difference of love and attachment growing. Plus, we have Leo now and he’s made up for the loss in a way, although they are two very different cats. Leo is very vocal and we know what he wants by his meows, but anyway, that’s a long time to have a pet, she was family and you can’t just forget how much joy they bring into our lives. Max is only 9 years old but he’s getting worse with the Seizures and we just noticed recently that he can’t see well. He’s barking a lot more and one day when I was coming home on my bike, he barked at me until I got 3 m from him and only then did he see it was me and stopped barking. I am not going to let Max suffer, when I see that he is not comfortable anymore, I will let him go, he deserves that much. Often we are selfish and think only of ourselves, so we hang on to the last moment because we don’t want to feel pain, it’s not right. We need to think about them first and what is best for them.

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