An Offended Cat

This day last year, Maia passed away. She was 15 years old. She went through every single moment of my life from the time I was 19 until I was 34.


I found this poem to commemorate her passing last year, but I thought I would share it again.

it snuggles close
half closed eyes
rolling with white
its forelegs loosely
tip towards sky

its warmth heats
up our sweet contact

‘such pretty thing
poor thing cant
enjoy the world as much
as we do’ i thought

as if it understands
my thought
the cat struggles
to have me let it down

i do so and it walks
away without
turning back,
as if offended

by john tiong chunghoo


Empath / HSP / Boundaries

I have recently found out that I am an Empath. How I found this out was a fluke, or it was just an intuitive soul that knew this about me. How it happened doesn’t even matter at this point. It just did, and I welcome it with open arms.

Never have I been so in-tune and so intrigued by myself and/or this new found revelation.

For years I have had what I call a gut feeling, and it’s not that, it’s just that Empaths are highly intuitive souls. They’re sensitive and they carry the weight of the world on their shoulders – without even realizing it.

There are events over the years that have happened that I knew were going to unravel, that have happened.. sometimes they have played out slowly and sometimes so very fast.

I never knew how to deal with it or how to process these feelings properly. I’ve recently started reading a book called the Highly Sensitive Persons Survival Guide and I am totally picking up what it’s putting down. Reading this has also have me putting myself through different boundaries I was afraid to cross.

I have always somewhat thought of myself as a very shy individual, but in the past couple years, that has changed. I have accepted myself for who I am, thus allowing others to as well. Interesting how that all works, huh?

Though I don’t need validation or praise, I am so very lucky to have a partner that is on this journey with me.. even if he knows it or not.

I have been using the power of manifestation lately, and it’s working. My thinking of that school was always so silly, and now that I am in it, I am amazed.

Ways I’ve been helped by all of this:

1. Opening up myself to people and friends I may have not been able to before
2. A photo shoot in the park in which I was barely wearing any clothing
3. The ability to start loving my body no matter what anyone else’s standards are
4. Being a little more gentle with people (this is very hard for me, as I’ve been called ‘crass’ my whole life)
5. Asking for what I want, instead of what everyone else around me wants
6. Being alone. I love my quiet time. In fact, I live for it. It’s not a selfish thing as I’ve learned, it’s more of a psychologically and mentally uplifting time for me now

That’s enough for now. Hopefully by sharing this, others out there can be aware as well.


I highly recommend this book by Ted Zeff for the person that is just realizing they are an HSP. While this book is an account of a personal experience by Ted, you can still relate as an HSP, though you may have different experiences. ie: meditating is not for everyone, but it worked for Zeff. Take this book with a grain of salt as your experience as an HSP will be different.