Photo Finery!

Let me just preface this with saying that I have had the pleasure of working with not only Nicky Ninedoors and John Bews, but with Ned Tobin as well (who I have known online for over 4 years!)

I told myself that I would finally get professional photographs taken – and not just by anyone –  people whose style I admire and also who I know that would connect well with my personality.

First off, being new to the Burlesque arena, I wanted some tasteful, yet sexy boudoir photographs taken. I highly recommend  both of these photographers, and both for different reasons. I thought I was shy, however, that is not the case…

Minnie Peron

Second off, I wanted to do something a little more risque (unfortunately those photographs will not make it to this blog just yet…) and that is where Ned came in. A park? Sure. Semi-nude? Why not. He was willing, I was willing.. to step over a boundary I’ve been meaning to for a while. I think I’ve always been somewhat of an exhibitionist, and this was a good way to display it.

In the garden!

To me, these photographs are a story, a journey, and this has been a very vulnerable journey.

One that I am happy to have taken. To open myself up to the very possibilities of what else is to come..