Today one of my step-daughters is 7. I don’t know why I feel like this is such a momentous occasion, but it is for me. I met her when she was 10 months old. I feel very connected to her in ways that I can’t explain. When I am with her, I feel very maternal, protective and loved in a way that only a child can love a person.

I think she’s an old soul deep down inside of that 7 year old mind/body of hers. She’s very intuitive and knows when you’re feeling down or happy. She makes me fill out a sheet every day in regards to my moods. She even calls weekly to make sure I’ve filled it out!

So today is dedicated to her. She’s special and kind and also drives me crazy because she never wants to leave my side (which I should be grateful for!) She likes to cuddle and have quiet time with me in my bed while we both watch Netflix on our respective devices. She loves to help me bake, wash dishes, fold laundry and even fetches me glasses of water if I need one. So, I bought her an apron so that she can continue the love of being in the kitchen…

Happy Birthday, Veronica!




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