Snug Jugs.


I am so tired of seeing women’s boobies in ill-fitting bra’s.

There are some important factors in choosing a bra.

1. band size
2. cup size
3. straps
4. how it looks under clothing (you don’t want a lace bra underneath a thin shirt)

I cannot stress the importance of having a good bra. It took me many years to achieve this status. I was done with my $15 bra’s that I found at Winners or at the Bay because it was on ‘sale’. Sale doesn’t mean good. If you can invest all those cheap bra funds, you could have a fabulous bra by now.

Most women don’t even know their own bra size. “It fits!” They say. Does it… fit? Most likely, it does not fit.

For years I was wearing a 38DD. Then I got fitted. Turns out I’m a 36F or G, depending on the fit and the store. Do you know how awesome it felt to be in a bra that actually fit? My boobs were perky again! They were not squished or flattened or MINIMIZED! They were themselves.. in their own home.

It’s not that hard to find bra’s that fit, even for us more voluptuous ladies. And for goodness sake, STOP BUYING MINIMIZERS! Why do you want to minimize your shit? You don’t. Let them frolic. Let them be. Do not minimize by any means. You don’t want to flatten them do you? Your boobs will look like pancakes. And pancakes are for eating and spreading on the syrup (oh…)

There is no reason you have to make an excuse to wear a granny looking bra, when there is now so much selection out there for a proper looking and cute bra.

No more sloppy boobies!

Places to find  a bra that fits (well that I have anyway):

Cacique (their online store has a lot of selection)

CHANGE (most likely will have to go inside one to get a good fit!)

This link is also a very good resource for busty girls!

Hop to it, ladies!