Letter to Maia.

Dear Maia,

I rescued you when you were 2 months old. Those big ears when you were a kitten made me laugh, because you would run around the house like the RoadRunner. They turned into small ears on your normal head (you had a bright orange patch on the top, too!)

You used to run in the back alley for hours at a time and I would cry because I thought you were lost forever. Then we put you on a leash and you loved it.
 You would cry and meow at the door when you wanted to go outside. You quite enjoyed laying in the grass – bird watching, eating the tall grass and listening to life go by. I never could train you to use the bathroom outside.
I used to look at you and you would remind me of my Grandpa. Those stern eyes and that grumpy look on your face made me think you were him – reincarnated. I still think that’s the case. My Grandpa always looked irritated, just like you. As I remember him, I remember you too.

You’ve been there for me through everything in my life. Through the divorce, through me trying to get my shit together and having to drop you off at the Billo Clan because I couldn’t take care of you. For a year you had a dog and 2 cats as your family. They called you Mama-San and grew to love you just as much as I did/and do today. When I got you back after the year, you were a big fat butterball weighing in at 10 pounds. They really plumped you up. I would look at you and laugh because you’re so tiny, you almost looked cartoon like when you’d sit on the chair and all I could see was your fat belly on each side if your hips. It just wasn’t you.

When I started dating Darcy he always told me he disliked cats.. but then he let you move in, in January 2010, a full 8 months before even I moved in!! What a lucky cat you were. He fed you, but I would come over to do the litter box when I came for a sleepover 😉
He always had a soft spot for you. Remember all those times you would get raw steak before he would cook up our steak dinners? And the cheese? Boy oh boy you loved the cheese. And the raw tuna. You were one spoiled cat, but you deserved it. Before your last days I gave you tons of treats and fed you tuna and chicken off the bone, you loved that shit.

My stepdaughters loved you too. Veronica liked to kiss you on the head and you hated it so much, but you still let her do it. Natalie just wanted you to play, but you were just too old. You surprised me by playing with one of the mice, but you only did it once and I caught it on video.. You were 14.

In 2012, we had to get most of your teeth removed because you were barely eating and you seemed so much better, but by the next week you were at the vet getting fluids injected because you were so weak. We left you overnight and my face was swollen the next day from crying so hard, wondering if this was it..

And then we got Ralphie from the shelter in December 2012, and you perked up more than I have seen you perk up in months.
You started displaying the same behaviour as him. You started drinking from the bathtub, climbing on the counter to get into any food scraps.. And you both would conspire and get into the cupboard and rip open your dry food bag. We’d come home and there would be a mess of kibble all over the floor.. and your faces would tell the story. A cute bad cat story that made me love you even more.
You little mischievous brat.
Sadly, the story ends in June 2013. And we made the decision to let you go. You got down to 5 pounds and you were extracting your stomach onto the kitchen floor almost every day. You let me know. I know you. You know me. Mama, it’s time to go.
You were more precious to me than anything I have ever had in my life, I hope you know that. You saved me in so many ways. You taught me how to love, as you loved me, unconditionally.

You were also loved by so many of my friends. Some that have never even met you, but they’ve seen your mug for many years on the internet.


Thank you for 15 years of companionship, loyalty, love and mischief. Maia. Moofy. Mama. Mamu. MowMow. Mama-San.


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