Letter to Maia.

Dear Maia,

I rescued you when you were 2 months old. Those big ears when you were a kitten made me laugh, because you would run around the house like the RoadRunner. They turned into small ears on your normal head (you had a bright orange patch on the top, too!)

You used to run in the back alley for hours at a time and I would cry because I thought you were lost forever. Then we put you on a leash and you loved it.
 You would cry and meow at the door when you wanted to go outside. You quite enjoyed laying in the grass – bird watching, eating the tall grass and listening to life go by. I never could train you to use the bathroom outside.
I used to look at you and you would remind me of my Grandpa. Those stern eyes and that grumpy look on your face made me think you were him – reincarnated. I still think that’s the case. My Grandpa always looked irritated, just like you. As I remember him, I remember you too.

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