The Level of Insanity

There are some days where I hope to find support among other ‘step mothers’ or just women that are committed to a man that has children, without that woman having children of their own (me).

It seems to be a rare thing these days (we must be going extinct!) The online forums I have looked into are all about the step moms complaining and whining about their woes – complaining about the ex-wife, complaining about her new husband, complaining about the children. Oh, and the abbreviations, don’t even get me started on how much abbreviations drive me up the wall. DH, SM, SC, SO. Just spell it out, I don’t need a glossary to be looking up terms.

It’s just like being married and having a child of your own – you’ve decided to do this. The amount of complaining baffles me.

One website I visited had this:

“DS – Dick Stain – You do the math there.”

Really, have grown women stooped to this level of name calling? Come on.

And this “WL – Window Licker – a politically incorrect term for someone a little slow – as in they lick the windows on the school bus. “

What site would I want to pay $2.50 for? Reading about women bitch about everything and everyone in their life? No thanks.

There is a difference between whining/complaining and just venting. If you’re unhappy about your life, then change it. I know that there are so many things out of your control when you’re a step mom (or not!)

I don’t have it easy either, I don’t, but I look on the bright side of things. There are many bright sides of the life that I have.

1. I have 2 amazing step children because I have an amazing partner. The kids are pretty awesome because both their Mom and Dad have raised them that way. I hope that I have had a small part in that too, but I can’t be too confident.

2. I can maintain a lifestyle that I want. Spending time with them/having a family life and also maintaining my OWN hobbies. I am never going to have my own children and it works for me. I hope I can write this without offending people, but having my own children would not fit in with the life that I want.

This never happens, funnily enough.