What is and what isn’t.

You know, a blog should be something that shouldn’t be controversial among friends and family. A blog should be somewhere you can put your feelings without feeling the wrath of others or how they feel.

If people just realized it isn’t about them all the time, the world would be a better place. I don’t even think my Love reads my blog most of the time. I wish he did.

I’m two weeks in on weaning off my prozac and I’m feeling; sensitive (overly), attacked (by the stupidest things), picked on, hurt, angry, sad, happy, etc. It’s not great fun and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. One can only hope that after this 2 week wean that the Celexa will be a better option for me. One can only hope.

I ‘write’ in my blog because writing before somewhere privately got me in trouble. So now it’s public and I have nothing to hide. And yet, the feeling that you’ve just written something that can be picked apart by someone is not so awesome, but again, people will make it about them and then la dee da what will you do.

It’s hard when you have to explain yourself so much to people who don’t really understand what goes on in your brain. In fact, I do not think that anyone other than myself really knows this little tidbit. Or as I say like to say.. TIDBITZ.

My therapist told me that not everything is an attack on me. Just because I FEEL like it’s an attack, it’s not. And then what?

And then nothing, I just go on with my life and try not to take anything personally (OHMYGODSOHARD) and not feel feelings (SOEASY!!!)

I am going to Burlesque class tonight where by the end of 7 weeks I will learn to give my Love a proper sexy dance. I am very excited to potentially get half naked in a room full of other women that would like to do the same. There is nothing wrong with SEX and nothing wrong with wanting to be SEXY and be naked and stuff. As I get older, I love the sexiness of being sexy and SEX.

And then I will look like Jayne Mansfield by the end of it.