The Way ? ? ?

I am always amazed when I go on vacation how different things are for different people.

Here I am, living in my little safe bubble, and there are people out there who don’t even know how to keep themselves in their own bubble.

Never have I witnessed such horrible (mostly food) parenting as I did when I was in Disneyland. I’m a judger, I judge. I’ll make no mistake about that. Sure, I give the kids candy sometimes, but when I saw a mother giving her children BIG HUGE CHOCOLATE COOKIES for breakfast at 9am inside the park, I died inside a little. I know I KNOW, you’re on vacation.. live a little right? ERRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

When I saw a very obese 3 year old munching on a big huge lollipop following her big obese parents, I wanted to punch them all in the face, except the child of course. Instead of wanting to help the parents, I wanted to send them to bootcamp.

Granted, I am not all that, but I could be about 10 bags of chips, I am not perfect either or skinny, but I am healthy! This is the problem – there is no way that these people don’t know that their children (and them) are getting fat because of their bad eating habits. It’s common sense.

Another thing I witnessed in Disneyland. Obese people on scooters.

You wouldn’t need a scooter if you stopped eating. Is that horrible that I think this way? Am I thinking outloud too much?

All of this has definitely made me more aware of my own self and how I treat my stepchildren – food wise and behaviour wise.

Bottom line is, if parents really cared about their children’s health, they would stop this nonsense. “Oh he only eats chicken nuggets.” No, he doesn’t. You only FEED HIM chicken nuggets.

I can brag a little that our kids eat every single thing we put in front of them. Because they were raised to not be picky and eat what’s in front of them. Sure, kids go through phases and don’t want to eat certain things, but ours eat mostly everything. That makes it so easy for us and when we go out as well.

So, I’m thankful for a world of smart and awesome people who do well on purpose. And hopefully nobody takes offense to how I feel on this subject. But I’m sure I am not the only one with this opinion in this world…

Healthy Little Girls 🙂

5 thoughts on “The Way ? ? ?

  1. I noticed that so much while we were there, too. Granted, I’m no saint, but I saw kids there that made me sad. I was a chubby kid, but I wasn’t morbidly obese. Parents don’t realize that is a form of abuse, it’s just not in your face kind of abuse. My parents let us eat what we wanted, but there were limits to that. You’re a good stepmom and those kids have great eating habits!

  2. girl, you know I’m not perfect either, but changing our eating habits is way better than just accepting to be obsese.. like these people. yowza!!

  3. It’s a frightening epidemic. And it undermines the “superiority” of North Americans’ mindset, for sure. My friend always says “don’t talk to me about gay marriage when you weigh 300 pounds and live in a McMansion.”

    The sad truth is, we’re the “convenience” generation, and we think there’s something wrong with struggle. We don’t like it, and if we have to do it, we think something’s off-kilter. Preparing food, spending money on good ingredients, taking the time to sit down and eat… all those things are lost to the speed we move at today, in the name of progress.

    We have so many poor, fat people riding scooters in this neighbourhood too. There’s a local doctor that writes referrals for them so the government will fund them. He’s hurting more than helping.

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