Getting my Health on.

Recently I made a decision in my life that will impact it in a good way.

I decided to change my Dr. I felt that my relationship with my Dr. was stale and he wasn’t listening to my needs/wants/concerns as much as he could have. I spent an average of about 10 minutes with him each visit. I felt rushed and not able to voice myself as I constantly felt rushed, which in turn made me feel like a hypochondriac.

The day they called me to tell me my Pap Smear was ‘Unsatisfactory’ and to come back in 6 months was the day I called the UBC Health Clinic to make an appointment where someone would hopefully listen to me and my history.

To me, waiting 6 months to get checked again was.. flabbergasting really. What if something was wrong? What if I had a tumor? What if what if what if? Not wanting to wait for the what if’s of life, I had my appointment at UBC. Their general rule is that you see a different student or resident Dr. every time, but I got lucky and now have a new family Dr.  Being that I do need consistency in my life – and respectful of that, my shiny new Dr. is a wom

an. And maybe being a woman has nothing to do with it, but my first appointment with her was an hour. My second appointment was 45 minutes. She had to collect my history and also suss me out a bit I’m sure.

Can you imagine someone sitting down and listening to you and trying to figure things out for 45 minutes? I couldn’t have either.

I am so relieved to have someone who is willing to listen to my concerns. The only problem is now doing a bunch of tests that I’ve done before, but doing them with someone who is willing to say “Hey your iron levels are really low, showing that you’re anemic, so let’s do something about it.” This was a test result that my ex-Dr. HAD and I guess didn’t think that maybe I was tired all the time due to this? Something so simple and so fixable. An iron pill a day for anemia, who would have thought?!

I’m getting a bunch of blood tests done for various issues and well I’m on the road to figuring out what my body is telling me. And maybe it won’t tell me anything. My Dr. is also willing to say “Hey they have a department for this at the University, are you interested?” And BAM just like that I can talk to other people who have the same problem and get advice and oh my gosh, it’s a whole new life for me now.

I am also thankful for my counsellor who listens to me as well. I have 2 women in my life that are amazing and want to ‘fix’ me, but I have to help them along the way a little bit.


2 thoughts on “Getting my Health on.

  1. I’ve had doctors in the past that treated me like shit because I’m overweight. I had this doctor I went to see about the swelling I have on the front of my calf from an injury I sustained during hiking, she told me to lose weight and it’d go away. I told her “um this didn’t happen until I twisted my knee, how did my weight do that?” (BTW when I was 45lbs lighter, I still had water on my knee!) I don’t put up with that kinda crap anymore with doctors. You’re paying THEIR salary, so they should be trying to help you. It’s sad how mechanical healthcare has become. I am lucky to have an awesome doctor who is never critical of my weight.
    I’m glad you’ve found a great doctor!!

  2. Hello. I completely understand and agree with your blog about health and family. Sometimes there are things that you do need to let go of to make yourself better and happy. All the best. Petra.

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