Get It Done and Over With

This whole cycle of life thing is easy. You fight, you love, you have sex, you eat (sometimes too much), you hang out with your friends, you hang out with your family.

Then you figure out what it is that you love, what it is that you want to spend most of your time on.

I’m getting to the place where if it doesn’t benefit my life in a good way, I don’t want it. And this means friendships that I thought at one time had some meaning, that don’t anymore. And sometimes family. Just because someone is your ‘family’ doesn’t mean you need to like them. And so, I pick and choose. Is it selfish? Maybe. Do I care what people think? I try not to.

Why do I have to call you? Why do I have to make contact

? Why do I always need to make ‘plans’? On the other side are people who have their own children, and just because the children in my life are not my own, doesn’t mean I need to do all of this. It’s called balance. It’s called doing the right thing.

I’m done with this whole mindset of people who I’ve likened myself to at some point in my life. I’m tired of doing things for free just because. If I don’t like it, I don’t like it and that’s how it is. Don’t try to make me feel better because you have an issue. Tell me. Or don’t. Just say bye. It’s so easy! My feelings will be hurt, yours may too, but this is just life. And sometimes life sucks, but most of the time it doesn’t because you make it good.

My time is valuable. And so is yours. Make it worth it. Make it worth your while, make it worth my while.

What am I trying to say here? A lot, but also so little.