2010 – What it Was – In Pictures

A little synopsis in pictures for 2010!

January 2010:

We rang in the New Year at the Billo’s house!

February 2010:

The Olympics came to Vancouver and Darcy’s sister Dara came to visit. I took her downtown to watch someone light a torch!

The Cauldron in Coal Harbour.

And a certain little girl (my stepdaughter) named V turned 3!

March 2010:

My earlobe split down the middle from stretching and heavy earrings. So I got a translobe piercing until my surgery.


April 2010:

April was Easter and I was happy to celebrate another year with these beautiful creatures in my life!

Kimli and Ed came over to the house I pet sit at and I’m including them because I LOVE THEM BOTH! And because Kimli is a light in my life.

In April, Darcy & I took our 2nd trip together to Vegas and stayed at the Golden Nugget! It was hot and a trip full of food, drink & fun! I lost ten pounds before I left to LV so I could eat it all back (sick, I know!)

May 2010:

In May my cousin, aunt and I went to Seattle where we went to see Kate Nash perform!

My cousin Amanda and I ate our first set of oysters that we actually enjoyed at Steelhead Diner.

I met a new friend named Inga & her family. I also met her Llama’s (if you know me, you know I absolutely LOVE llama’s!)

June 2010:

In June, I had the privilege of hosting my ex-husband’s Mom, sister and niece around Vancouver and Victoria! We had a great time. I am extremely close to them, so it was so good to see them again.

July 2010:

July 2010 was our ‘anniversary’! 3 years!

One of my greatest accomplishments of 2010 was setting up my very good friend Richard (who lived in Toronto at the time) with my new friend Kyrsten. A match made in glorious love! He moved from Toronto to Vancouver to be with her. My heart!

I met some pretty fantastic girls in 2010. Cyndi & Jenna being 2 of them!

Portia Billo was in born in July!

The girls & I at Lynn Valley (we not only went in July, but the whole summer!)

August 2010:

I didn’t take a lot of photographs in August, but I did take one of Maia!

Maia turned 12 years old in August. I’ve had her since I was 19!

In August I also moved out of the place I was sharing with a friend who had helped me out and let me move in when I moved from Langley to Vancouver. Unfortunately her personality and my personality didn’t mix very well and I moved out and into my boyfriend’s place! So far, so good!

September 2010:

In September, I celebrated 2 years at my job.

September was my trip to California!

I hadn’t been since 2006 and my ex husband’s family lives there, including several of my friends! I used to live in California as well, so it was like going back ‘home’.

Highlights of that trip was finally meeting Corbett, Brooke, Jodi, Rachael, Megan, Therea and seeing my best friend Julie again! Other highlights were the SF Zoo and Tranny Bingo as well as being able to drive all over LA and SD!

Rachael and Chihuly the day before her wedding.

I got to meet Dallas Raines at Tranny Bingo @ Hamburger Mary’s in West Hollywood!

My best friend Julie & I 🙂

Megan & I at the Santa Monica Pier!

Jodi, Theresa and Me!

Corbett inside the 826 Valencia store in SF.

Brooke and I in San Diego.

I rode the ferris wheel for the FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE. I was scared.

October 2010:

I dressed up for the first time in my adult life for Halloween.. Devil in a Red Dress.

My good friend Brianna asked me to take her engagement photographs. This is Brianna & Jeff in Stanley Park. I was so honoured that she asked ME to do them!

November 2010:

I had about 7 ladies out for ‘Girls Night Out’ in November. It was fun.

We took a ‘family’ portrait!

December 2010:

I spent another year with this man whom I love!

We went to Calgary for Christmas. I got sick with Campylobacteriosis!


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