Dysentery, the Oregon Trail and What’s up for 2011.

Does anyone remember the game Oregon Trail? Back in Grade 5 for me. “You have died of dysentery.”

Yeah, well, I didn’t die. I’ve had a nasty nasty nasty time

for the past 9 days. Figuring out what was wrong/growing inside my body. Is it the stomach flu? No. Is it…. Food poisoning? Well, yes AND no. It’s called Campylobacteriosis and it’s from food. Or maybe you put your mouth on someone’s dirty anus as well (which I did not).

Like Bill Clinton said “I did NOT have sexual relations with that woman.” I can’t say that I didn’t eat dirty food. I don’t wash my vegetables or my fruit, ever. I thought that I’d be safer that way and build up that weak immune system of mine! I also ate ground beef 3 days in a row and the day I got sick I ate a burger. It could have been from a salad too. You just never know. So that’s what I have. It’s not a pretty time. Every time I hear the word ‘campylobacteria’ I want to camp inside a test tube full of dirty!

So, my friends (and foes), I have a new theme coming soon. I think this blog will turn into something that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. I’m going to write food reviews. I’m also going to review things in life. It will be like I’ve never changed. It’s had no method of it’s madness at all, and I think 2011 is the time for it.

Well, I hope that 2o11 will be a new year full of things to come. I’m going to continue to write my book (and we’ll see if anyone wants to publish it too. But I’ll be writing it for a couple years). I’m going to pay off all my debt (it’s been a black cloud in my life). My life will continue with the love of my life, and it will be magical! I cannot wait.

I will end this blog post with a big picture of my face, because you are worth it.

Love and Lamps,

Gina Argentina


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