Writer’s Block?

I was on a good wr iti

ng/blogging streak for a while. And then I lost it. Too many other things get in the way.. like life.

See that guy? And those kids? I love them to death. They take up a lot of my time.

Even the writing of my book. Chapter 2 and I stopped. And who knows what those chapters may turn into at the end. They may be divvied up into 3. I may stop writing the book altogether.  Really, no, even if that damn book takes me 50 years to write, I’m going to do it.

Art. I like it. It likes me. I like to take old photographs and put them into frames. Voila, easy art!

Because who doesn’t love an autographed photo of Cyd Charisse?

I’ve been cooking a lot. Winter makes me crave comfort. Cooking gives me comfort.

I’ve been working out a lot. About a month and a half ago I finally joined a proper gym. Not that the Community Centre wasn’t a proper gym, but their equipment was old and the wait in line just to use the weights was annoying, as well as the 17 year old wanna-be muscle demons were grating on my nerves. And the $42 price tag every month was a bit steep. Now I’m at She’s Fit and I can go to any of their locations for only $25/month. And I don’t have to deal with leering perverts. Just women who keep to themselves (mostly!)

I also dressed up for a Halloween party in November called Noveween. I’ve never done that before. I was a devil in a red dress.

I also went to California in September.. Maybe I’ll write about that too.

That’s all.. for now!