It’s been a Whale, I mean.. While

I’ve decided that I’m going to write a book. I don’t know that this book will ever be published (whatever, yes it will, and you know and I both know this), but I think

that writing a book is going to be great.

Reasons why:

1. I get to relive all the memories (the ones I can remember)
2. I get to talk about my Family (writing a book gives you permission to be an asshole)
3. I get to talk about myself (we all know how much I love to talk about myself)
4. I need a reason to live other than going to work everyday, having sex, eating and sleeping (writing a book seems to be that reason)
5. My Mom is writing a book too and we both like to compete with each other (I mean she is a bocce ball champion, and I’m just a lowly peasant)
6. I like making things up that ARE TRUE that people think I make up but I really don’t because my life is a series of fuck ups, make ups and LOVE (and how fun would it be to put it into chapters?!)
7. I can relive all my therapy sessions on paper!
8. I like it when people laugh at my jokes (and the whole book will basically be a big true joke.)

I think I have enough cred to talk about my life. At 31, I’ve experienced a lot. A lot of bad, and a lot of good. However you look at it..


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