I’m not new to blogging. I’ve had many blogs. Just not a lot of people knew about them. That, or they were ‘private’ to an audience of 100. I like to rant, I’m opinionated, I have a mental illness and I really dislike most of the world’s population (oh, have I met them all? No.) I know how ridiculous I can sound too, and guess what? Don’t care. It’s my charm.

Blogs aren’t private, no matter how much you think they are/protect them. We know this right?

So, really, I’d like to know who’s reading? Just comment. Tell me. Please. I don’t list myself anywhere, I don’t market myself.. It’s an experiment of sorts, I guess. Isn’t life a fucking experiment??

I have learned to not write about anything that I wouldn’t want used against me. I’m a pretty open person, but I wouldn’t want my loved ones to suffer by the things I say. That said: My Mother has learned more about me in the last few years through my blog. This makes me sad, but also happy. Why? I do not know.

My Aunt came home from New York with a Dundler Mifflin mug. Every time I answer my phone the urge to say ‘Dundler Mifflin’ how can I help you? It is surpassed by the fact that NO ONE ELSE WILL THINK IT’S FUNNY.

So I don’t.
Speaking of past blogs: Check this shit out! 2000 represent baby. I love the way back machine. And how embarrassing.

How how how?

I had a webcam.

And  Livejournal. And I wore bad lipstick.

I’m so glad to be almost 31 now, you don’t even know.


17 thoughts on “Engaging?

  1. Oh, me, me! BTW I LOVE the moog-cam.

    22-year-old-you was awesome to the MAX. I wish I’d known her. I’ll be she was as awesome as 22-year-old me. OR AWESOMER. =)

  2. I thought I was pretty awesome at 22, but I think I’m even MORE awesome at almost 31. You gotta agree:)

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