Poutine, anyone?

According to Wikipedia, Poutine originated in Quebec. I’ve never been to Quebec, so I’ve never had Quebecois poutine. I’ve heard it’

s very good.

All I can say is that I’ve had my share of Vancouver poutine and non & 1 Seattle non-poutine.

What is Poutine? It is a dish consisting of French fries topped with fresh cheese curd, covered with brown gravy and sometimes additional ingredients.

Right. So really, anything that has cheese curds, gravy and fries can be poutine.


That being said: I’ve been to my fair share of places that have called french fries, gravy & shredded cheese (and anything but cheese curds) poutine. Guys/Gals/People of the World, it’s not poutine.

Case in point: @GranvilleRoom in Twitter says “New saturday features include: $7 poutine (arguably best in town)…” Well I would have to disagree. I’ve tried their poutine, it’s not POUTINE, it didn’t have cheese curds on it and it was a sad pile of fries with sad gravy and sad cheese. Not poutine, you guys stop calling it POUTINE.  Have you seen their Yelp page?

Another Vancouver place – The Templeton. I love their food. I love their ‘poutine’ but it’s not poutine, it’s fries.gravy.cheese. It’s good, but it’s not poutine.

I went to the Steelhead Diner in Seattle & they had poutine on the menu. It was Beecher’s cheese, it was not cheese curds. Yes, it was good, but it was.not.POUTINE.

I’ve been noticing this trend for years. And I’m speaking up about it. Fritz’s has poutine. La Belle Patate has poutine. Belgian Fries has poutine. A&W has freakin’ POUTINE and it’s good.

Hey Restaurants/Lounges/Places that Serve Food, this is POUTINE:


Great, now start making it.

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