Llamas, Alpacas, Guancos, Camelids, etc.

Everyone that knows me (and some don’t even know me well!) know that I love llamas, alpaca’s, etc.

If there is one to be seen, people will forward pictures, they will tag me in a photo of a llama, they send me llama-ie things, they just know I LOVE these creatures.

Before I had the pleasure of meeting an Alpaca, I loved Llamas. I still do. But then I met the Alpaca and they were more amazing of a creature than I ever knew. Cuter, too.

My first exposure to a Guanaco was at the Greater Vancouver Zoo and they were just as curious.

Skinnier creatures, for sure.

That’s a Guanaco..

I always joke around that it’s my dream to either own a bunch of alpaca’s/llama’s or at least buy one and board it. I intend on doing one of these options, not sure which one will work out just yet.

When I was a child, I had my first encounter with a Llama:

And then as I got older I just absolutely inherently started loving these lovely creatures.  I’ve been to many a llama/alpaca farms. I try to go to any sort of Agri Fair JUST to see them. I will go to the zoo just to see them as well. I’ve been to Washington just to visit a couple Alpaca farms and have had tours.

I guess everyone just wants to know why? They are the most curious animals I have ever encountered. And since I am curious as well, that draws me in. They are timid at times & very shy. They are loving and also scared, until they decide you’re okay.

That is me amongst the alapca’s at a farm in Washington state. I like to call myself the Alpaca Whisperer, but I’m not sure that’s such a good idea..

I mean.. even my travel mascot is Llouie, purchased from FAO in NYC.

So that’s my story.



One thought on “Llamas, Alpacas, Guancos, Camelids, etc.

  1. I love that your obsession with these lovely creatures. When I used to ride horses competitively our barn had a Llama called wait for it Fernando. I love him he was sweet but if he did not like you he was a spitting machine. It was Llama bukake. Keep it up and i will send you more pics in when i find them.

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