Why I Love Las Vegas

2 years ago my boyfriend took me to Las Vegas. I was in awe of it’s spectacularness (it’s a word, damnit).

It truly is the city of excess. More is more, if you know what I mean. The first time I went we stayed at Paris (his parents were paying, god bless their souls).

I visited the Liberace Museum, a total entrance into the life of Liberace. His custom vehicles encased in mirrors and jewels. His costumes, some weighing up to 200 pounds. I was completely enamored at his life. To this day, I still have a picture of Liberace at my desk. I love him and all he was about.

I truly wish I was able to be one of his ‘fag hags‘.

But this time, I planned our trip. I like planning & making lists. I had us set up to eat about 30 different meals.. That didn’t happen. 2 meals times 5 days = 10 meals. You just can’t eat 3 meals a day in Vegas when the average plate can feed 3 people.

We stayed at Fitzgerald’s for the first night & then the next 3 nights we stayed at the Golden Nugget.

Honestly, you can do so much in Vegas, because if you have a rental car you do not need to hang out in the city limits all the time.

Case in point:

Bonnie Springs. It’s an old town with an old western theme. You pay $3 and you get to enter into the Animal Sanctuary! And the Old Town, which is a replica from the 1880’s. It’s pretty awesome for a person like me who loves animals and old things.

And they had a llama. A freaking llama. 3 of them infact!

And then there is Red Rock Canyon National Conservation area.

It was really hot that day, but windy as you can tell. You pay $5 to get into the park & you drive through all around the little lookouts & stops. There are many many trails to hike. Just being amongst the beautiful red rocks was good enough for me.

Proof that life is beautiful.

So, onto the food.

Sage Fried Chicken & Waffles at Hash House A-Go-Go. Amazing. Enough food for 3 people, at least.. we couldn’t even finish it.

And another good thing about Vegas.. I was able to go there with this lovely man.


The set is here, if you’re interested.


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