On Children

I never wanted kids. Ever. The ex-husband & I mutually agreed to th is

as well (funny that he now has a kid with his exgf, but I digress).

I went through life disliking kids. Oh god, another whiney & annoying kid, gross.

Still don’t like high pitched crying babies, don’t care if it’s a friends baby or not.

Almost 3 years ago I met a man that had kids. Well, I met him a long time ago when we worked together, but 3 years ago is when we were dating (and still are!)..

He has kids. They are beautiful, wonderful & smart kids. Seriously. I know I’m biased, but this is how I feel. I still don’t really like anyone else’s kids unless they are my friends, and even then it’s iffy.

For a while there I what if’ed about having my own child, but he doesn’t want any more children, and at his age (41) he’s done having them. And I’m okay with that.

They are 9 (Nat) and 3 (V).

Here they are:

I think they’re a-okay. We have a lot of fun together. I’ve recently introduced them to Family Guy (I try to moderate a little bit) and they really love all the wacky YouTube findings that I discover. These kids are absolutely wacky. The best kind there is.


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