Dolla Dolla Bills, Ya’ll!

I’ve never been good with money. When I h ave

money, I spend it. When I got divorced I got a little chump change which paid off most of my debt. I was in a job that I didn’t make ‘enough’ money and racked that debt up again.

It didn’t take me long to squander everything away. I didn’t have a savings. I had nothing but debt and more debt.

I found out recently that you can negotiate with banks. Negotiating with banks is stressful, but if you get what you want it’s wonderful.

I got a consolidation loan this past week. My debt is not much anymore, but enough where the interest rate on my cards were killing me. The lending specialist told me I had to have life & disability insurance and that I had to get them through their insurance company. I wasn’t having that – I pay my employee for life & disability, why did I need to pay them for more insurance I don’t need? Just in case I had my employer send a letter to say HEY SHE’S PAYING US GUYS.

As soon as I told them I didn’t want the loan & that I was going elsewhere – they wanted me. Bad. And they got me. I went with a credit union that could give me some perks as well.

So now I’m going to pay off my debt in 6 months or less AND I’m going to be debt free. I don’t know many people that are debt free except my boyfriend and a few others. Most people I know have some sort of debt.

I am proud of myself. And excited. I’ll be even more excited when this is done & I can go on with my life and start investing and making money. It’s such an exciting thing when you’re open to things. I’m also lucky that my love is a genius when it comes to finances.


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