On Being Angry

A friend once told me that being angry is a good & valid emotion. And even though I’ve never met this friend, I always hold this statement true to my heart.

How many people have said or implied that being angry is such a negative emotion or that being angry is just a wrong emotion to have.

Feeling anger means you feel something, and damnit.. feeling something is a good thing. You may not agree with me, but alas.

I go through stages of anger. Sometimes I’m angry because I WANT TO FEEL ANGRY. Other times I’m angry because an event has occurred and it’s my go-to emotion.

The last couple of weeks I have been angry because things haven’t gone my way. Silly little things like people not being on time. I then project my anger on to others & create more problems.

I guess my issue is.. is that my anger needs to be dealt with in a positive manner. I am still trying to find my way with the anger that haunts me and the anger that fills my need to be angry at every little thing.

Don’t worry, I go to therapy. I feel so good when I come out of therapy. I feel energized and I’m ready to face the world again. Then I get angry and it all goes downhill.

My new revolt against anger is to make it happy. I am going to do my best to project this anger into my art, or my cooking, or my photography (which is art I guess). I LIKE being angry because it makes me feel like a she hulk.

This she hulk inside validates me.

So here’s to me still being angry, but learning to deal with it in a different way.


2 thoughts on “On Being Angry

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