Pudding, Muppets & Why I Tweet

Today on Twitter

I asked my friends and followers to give me a few topics to write on today. Hence the title of this post.

I’ll give you a little onsight on all of them in just a minute.

Pudding: I am not a big fan of pudding unless it’s in a cake or it’s pistachio something with cake – basically I like PUDDING IF IT IS IN CAKE. That’s my stance on pudding.

Muppets: Childhood. I love the Muppets. When I was a child I loved those YIP YIP YIP alien dudes. Loved them.

Lastly, Why Gina Tweets: Why does anyone? Some may think it’s superficial, but infact you can gather a lot of information on Twitter. Any time you have a question or you need someone to contribute quickly – Twitter is your friend. Honestly, I used to hate Twitter. I stopped tweeting for a long time and then came back into it. There is so much information to be had in 140 characters.

I love Twitter for the humour – people don’t really realize how funny they actually are. In fact, it stands as a forum for myself to not even have to worry about what anyone thinks or says. So far no problems. I am mouthy and opinionated and Twitter is the place where people don’t seem to mind.

The camraderie on Twitter is great as well – I enjoy that aspect very much. And I’ve met a few people from Twitter, been invited to events, etc etc.

I love Twitter.


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