When I know I’m doing something/going somewhere I make lists, I plan, I obsess about it until the day OF.

My obsession lately is Vegas. We are going in April and it will be my second time. Last time we were there it was in December 08 and I fell in love.

I had misconceptions and I thought I would really hate Vegas. But instead, I fell in LOVE.

This time we’ll be staying on Fremont at the Golden Nugget. Have you seen their new pool? Well, pshaw. Anyway, this time around I want to be even more in love with Las Vegas.

There is this show called Pawn Star$ and it centers around a pawn shop down on Las Vegas Blvd. called Gold  & Silver Pawn Shop. Well, we went in there & bought a money clip. So we are obsessed with the show now. “I KNOW THAT GUY!”

Back to this obsession – everyday since we have booked our trip I scour websites looking for deals, meals & girls. Okay, maybe not the girls, but whatever.

One day I want a comedy show, next day burlesque.. and then last week it was Price is Right. I still really don’t know what I want to see. All I know is that I am going to eat, drink, sleep, not sleep, have sex and gamble.

So, Vegas, I am excited. And it’s only 42 more days.

To keep you interested, here is a picture from last time:

2 thoughts on “Obsessed

  1. I saw the Price is Right. If you go and somehow make it on the showdown, the key is to totally lowball it. They have it where the price would clearly be over 20K and everyone overbids and they list at 14K and no one wins. If you lowball, you’ll win.

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